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Indoor Living

What’s It Like to Live in a Smart Home?

Room by room, we’ll show you how smart technology effortlessly blends into the fabric of your home.


Think Differently about Your Comfort & Convenience

From the bedroom to the wine cellar, smart technology provides the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality for every space in your home. Check out the possibilities below.

Easy living is at your fingertips. Bring all your systems together.

Nothing gets better than high-quality home entertainment.

Tech-savvy thieves? Smart security sends them scurrying!

Speed up your slow internet and weak Wi-Fi signal.

Oh yeah! This is where home entertainment comes alive!

Don’t want to show off your tech? No problem.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between – you can effortlessly craft the perfect ambiance for every indulgence. Nearly every technology is at your fingertips.

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Multi-room Music · Wi-Fi · Voice Control · Home Control
Warm tones, kitchen, wooden furniture, open concept

Lighting Control

Are you cooking, cleaning, eating, or entertaining? Whatever you’re doing, you can pick the perfect lighting scene with your mobile device or Keypad.

Motorized Window Treatments

Control light, heat, and damaging UV rays that enter your kitchen. Motorized blinds and shades operate via keypads or a schedule.

Distributed Audio

Turn up the tunes! While eating a meal or preparing one, you and your family can listen to your favorite songs to make your time more enjoyable.

Bar / Game Room

Whether you’re shooting pool, hosting the big game, or enjoying drinks, high-performance Audio/Visual makes everything more entertaining.
Common Solutions
Media Control · Lighting Control · Hidden Audio Video · High-Performance Audio · Home Control
Pool table with green felt, projector, game room, stairs

Media Control

It’s not always about Netflix movies or live sports. You can also play a game on the PlayStation. One-touch media control lets you switch up the entertainment between video sources.

Lighting Control

Even a bar or game room needs ambiance. Lighting control gives you that. At the touch of a button, you make the room’s lighting serve the event you’re having.

High-Performance Audio

No mancave, bar, or game room is complete without a high-performance audio system. Multi-channel audio envelops everyone in your favorite music.

Family Room

Home is where the heart is. The heart of the home is usually the family room. Transform your moments of family fun and relaxation with technology.

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Media Control · Hidden Audio Video · Universal Remotes · Home Control
couches in living room, large windows, television

Motorized Window Treatments

Why get up? You can easily adjust your shades and drapes without moving from your couch. Touch a button to bring in natural light or conceal it while watching a movie.

Hidden Audio Video

Streamline your space by completely eliminating visible audio visual gear.

Universal Remotes

Seriously! How many remotes do you have? It’s time for a remote roundup! With one universal smart remote, you easily control every technology in your family room.

Whole Home

One room isn’t enough. You need smart control in your entire home! Experience the true potential of sophisticated living with one-touch control and automation of your property.

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Multi-room Music · Smart Security · Wi-Fi · Automated Door Locks · Home Control
view of home, stairway, kitchen, open window

Motorized Window Treatments

Take command of every room's window treatment for beautiful natural lighting, temperature control, and privacy.

Multi-room Music

Imagine . . . wherever you go in your home, you enjoy the same high-quality audio. Create the perfect soundscape with instant access to your favorite media sources.

Automated Door Locks

Never fear, smart door locks are here. Whether home or away, you can manage every entry point throughout your estate to let in guests and secure your property.

Dedicated Home Theater

Nothing beats watching a 4K movie with surround sound in your home theater. Precisely engineered audio and video solutions put you right in the action of your favorite films.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · High-Performance Audio · Video Projection · Theater Seating · Acoustic Treatments · LED Lighting · Home Control
home theater, wood paneling, black armchairs, video projection

Lighting Control

A lighting control system rounds out your space by creating the ambiance you want for a stunning viewing experience.

Video Projection

Home cinema projectors are getting better and better each year. Today’s models help you enjoy your favorite films through stunning 4K displays that pop with color, contrast, and detail.

Theater Seating

You’re gonna want to sit down for this. Luxury theater seating! Customized theater seats make it all worthwhile – loungers and chaises with beautiful woods, fabrics, and leather finishes.

Home Gym

Don’t think you need technology in your home gym? If you want lights, heat and AC, music, or video, then technology can supercharge your workouts with custom-tailored scenes.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Multi-room Music · Hidden Audio Video · Wi-Fi · High-Performance Audio
Home gym, wooden floors, exercise equipment

Lighting Control

Free weights, cycling, jogging, or biking? Pick your poison and pleasure. Then, use your mobile device or tablet to adjust the lighting to suit.

Motorized Window Treatments

A morning run is more invigorating when you have natural light. Touch a button to raise the shades while working out for a boost of energy. Lower them to keep your gym cool.

High-Performance Audio

Silence is golden, but not when you’re working out! You need music to invigorate and inspire you. A multi-channel audio system envelops you in your favorite playlist.

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